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How Arbs Work

Sports Arbitrage is a technique that enables you can place bets without risk and guarantee yourself a profit. This happens because online bookmakers frequently offer different odds in differing markets, meaning that you are able to place your bets across multiple betting sites and, regardless of the outcome, U CANT LOSE! :)

A good example of how this simple technique works is when we won £243.20 on the following football match:

Click HERE to view a screenshot showing that the odds quoted above were available. A screenshot is included with every arb we send to prove that the odds exist and to help you find them quickly.

We used the Returns Calculator, a copy of which you will be able to download once you have joined, to work out exactly how much we needed to bet on each outcome to guarantee a profit. We placed £432 at StanJames on Derry City to score first, £124 at Bet365 on no goals being scored and £444 at PaddyPower on Saint Patrick's to score first.

The total bet for this arb was £1000 (£432 + £124 + £444).

The first goal of the match was scored by Saint Patrick's and we won £1243.20 (£444 x 2.80) from PaddyPower. When the total amount bet (£1000) was taken away from the total amount won (£1243.20) we were left with a RISK FREE profit of £243.20.

This technique is 100% RISK FREE because you are guaranteed to make money regardless of the outcome of the event you are betting on. If Derry City had scored first we would have made a RISK FREE profit of £244.16 (£432 x 2.88 = £1244.16 - £1000 = £244.16). If no goals had been scored we would have made a RISK FREE profit of £240 (£124 x 10.00 = £1240 - £1000 = £240).

Our unique arb hunting software finds arbs on sporting event from all over the world. Click HERE to view a list of the arbs sent last month.

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